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50+ Widgets & 15 Komponents with nearly endless customization options through global settings


• KLWP or KWGT + Pro Key Installed
• A KLWP/KWGT supported Launcher Installed - Nova Launcher Pro is recommended
• Komponents use U.S. English Language
• Optional: Kustom Weather Plugin & provider API subscription (ONLY if using the Weather HD komp with hourly forecast)
• KWGT: Some features are not supported in KWGT, such as music progress bar & CPU usage


50+ Widgets for KWGT: unique styles containing a variety of mix & match widgets

15 Komponents Including:
Status Bar v1: active network connections with different options for battery status + more
Search Bar v1: Google or search icon + text display options
Weather D v1: toggle current condition + 5 day -created with ModArt Weather icons.
Weather HD v1: toggle current condition + Hourly: every 2 hours for 10 hours +5 day -created with ModArt Weather icons. (Kustom Weather Plugin required)
Week(s) Calendar v1: toggle up to 6 weeks ahead with event markers + links to calendar
Event Agenda v1: toggle up to 24 upcoming events with links to calendar
News/RSS Feed v1: 3 user set RSS feeds with the top 3 stories from each
Music Player v1: simple music player with options to show - hide progress bar and / or volume controls
Notifications v1: toggle up to 24 notifications - includes links & options to dismiss.
Settings Panel v1: includes network connections, battery stats, storage/memory, misc. system info and links to many settings
Clock + Settings Panel v1: clock, date & personal greeting + settings panel
Favorites Dock v1: Shortcuts for 5, 6 or 7 apps - upload icons from supported icon packs with the option to colorize + notifications.
Dock1 v1: different layout options - phone, message & mail with notifications + Text display: time, date, local temp or battery level & user defined action button
Dock2 v1: different layout options - phone, message & mail with notifications + favorite app & user defined action button.
Dock3 v1: with 25 Kustom designed app icons

Sample Preset: A basic (no animation), 2 screen KLWP preset made up entirely of v1 ModArt Komponents. Available to KLWP users only.

More Designs to be added in future updates


If you are not familiar with using KLWP - KWGT &/or Kustom komponents, please visit:
G+ ModArt Komponents Community:

Questions? - Please contact: [email protected]

Komponents, Widgets and ModArt icons are for personal use only. © Kim Phillips 2018


Whicons - White Icon Pack by Randle



Download cracked APK of ModArt Komponents for KLWP - KWGT ( modartkomponentsforklwpkwgt.kustom.pack )

Version 1.3.2
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confit Download


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