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When it's getting hard to decide between multiple options
◇ Want to play a drinking game with your friends in the party?
◇ Choose the restaurant for lunch?
◇ Or just selecting between Yes or No, Head or Tail...

Amazing Wheels will help you to make a right decision!
Just spin the wheel, and look at the final result for a funny day!

★ Customize the wheel as you want
★ Create many choices as you can
★ Edit the wheel has never been easier
★ Load the last used wheel when you starts Amazing Wheels
★ Preloaded "Drinking Wheel" and a Dice emulator for fast and easy everyday use

To spin the wheel
→ Swipe the wheel from left to right and enjoy a cup of coffee.

To create a new wheel or edit the wheel
• Open Wheel Manager from the menu on the left:
→ Press the Plus (+) button to create a new wheel.
→ Touch Use button on each wheel to select it.
→ Touch Edit button on each wheel to modify the name of wheel or add/edit/delete choices.
→ Touch Delete button on each wheel to delete it.

If you're facing any problem, want new feature or have feedback to improve this application, don't hesitate to send it to us via the support email: [email protected]



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Version 1.0.8
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