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In addition, the WXC Pro includes:
- without the banner
- the choice between UTC and site time
- thousands of start-ups and landings all over the world. Sort by distance from current location
- all major airports and cities (20,000 inhabitants) in the world. Sort by distance from current location
- 2 days past
-for 8 days
- Closely notifying flying possibilities
-Sumarization view for 10 days
-Assessment of individual days for a quick overview
-convective cloud layer
-location of locations by name, distance, type

Now easy to store and share forecasts.

The application clearly visualizes vertical air profiles.
Shows wind speed, gusts at ground, wind direction, temperature, relative humidity, dew point, thermal currents, exact cloud layering, sunrise, sunset, precipitation amount, CAPE index ...
The application has 6 basic screens. Screen for wind, temperature, humidity, cloudiness and aero graph, sumarization.
The day of the forecast is selected at the bottom of the screen. The predicted location is selected in the right.
The vertical profile can be viewed within 2.5, 4, 8, 12 km
All height information is displayed in meters and kilometers.



Download cracked APK of WXC Pro ( origo.weathixcpro )

Version 1.051
Heisenberg userscloud.com Download


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