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Our fully featured browser utilises the WebKit html/css rendering engine which is already built into Android devices which makes Zest a speedy browser. Zest does not track you and there are many features to optimise browsing sessions.

With Zest you can enjoy:

Adblocker - Our built in ad blocking feature is updated frequently to ensure new ad networks can be blocked.

Privacy - Zest has Incognito mode so you can browse without leaving a trail. Zest also supports TOR Onion proxy (Orbot download required), I2P and third party proxy services. You can also set your homepage to use DuckDuckGo or any custom URL to enhance your privacy.

Ease of Use - Zest gives you one swipe access to Bookmarks and browser tabs. Different colour modes let you fine tune your preferred display settings. Light Mode, Dark Mode, Tab Colour Mode and Night Mode are all available to give you a personalised browsing experience.

Other features include

Full Screen Mode
Image Blocking
URL sharing
WebRTC support
Do Not Track request
Location access (Network & GPS)
Real-time Search Suggestions
Inverted, Grayscale, High Contrast Rendering Modes
User Agents (Mobile, Desktop and Custom)
Choice of default search engine
Text Only Mode (Experimental)



Download cracked APK of Zest Web Browser - Ad Blocker, Fast & Private ( uk.co.mangofish.zest )

Version 2.0.19
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