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GetApk Market 2.0

Written by Admin
Hello Guys, next month we will release a brand new Version of our Getapkmarket! - Clean and easy to use new UI - Downloadmanager with pause and resume - Userscloud added as a new hoster besides zippys... read more >

Fixed App Submit

Written by Admin
Hello,you can now submit apps again. Sorry for the problem.Stay tuned for the next big read more >

GetApk Market updated

Written by Admin
Howdy Folks,We just released GetApk Market 1.6.6 which fixes a bug for older android devices which caused Crashes.Thanks to Getapk User Jose Rodriguez we could find the problem.Please remember to alsw... read more >

Getapk Market

Written by Admin
Hi guys,we just released Getapk Market 1.6 which contains the latest feature of our website: Link Status checks.From now on you will have realtime online checks so you don't have to worry about runnin... read more >

Link Status Checker

Written by Admin
We ve just added a LinkChecker to our homepage. Now you wont have to waste any more time with dead links. Enjoy! read more >
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