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Android still holds the top spot in the U.S. smartphone market

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The latest ComScore numbers are out, and it looks like the predicted death of Android still hasn't happened. During October, November, and December 2011, Android still experienced more growth than any other platform in the US. Keeping the top spot with 47.3 percent market penetration (that's about 45 million and counting), Android grew another 2.5 percent overall. Apple, on the success of the iPhone 4S and iPad2, also experienced growth during the period, albeit not as much as Android. Just as interesting, but in a different way, is the fact that the rest of the players in the game lost market share. Reasearch In Motion, Microsoft, and Symbian, who were once the big three, all lost market share and only hold about 22 percent of the market combined. WebOS, once again, was a no-show.

The number of smartphone users in the US also grew, reaching their highest ever point. ComScore calculates that 97.9 million people now use a smartphone of some sort or another. We expect that number will also continue to climb, as you can now get an Android or Apple smartphone for free with a new contract.

On the manufacturer front, things also look much like the last go around. Samsung still makes the most phones in the United States (25.3 percent of all phones), followed by LG Electronics, Motorola Mobility and Apple. There's no data about how many smartphones each vendor sells, but we imagine more than a few of Samsung's sales were Galaxy S and Galaxy S II devices.

We're used to this by now. Android, with the might of Google and their online services, makes a very compelling argument to choose their products. We couldn't imagine using any other product.


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